Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Thai by Thai

oh how i love you exploded egg.  i have been to thai by thai (both sterling and fairfax locations) 19238621974618 times since discovering you.  and i have never ordered any other entree besides you.  if i could marry you, i would.

Kai Rabert, a.k.a. Exploded Egg
a deep fried, yet oozing egg over a bed of rice, topped with ground chicken in a delicious, spicy sauce

10955 Fairfax Boulevard, Fairfax, VA • 703.279.1595 •

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  1. could you guys take me to eat this when i go visit? i'm hungry

  2. this looks amazing. I love anything with exploded egg!!

  3. all of you come visit us so we can take you there!