Thursday, June 23, 2011

Market Lunch

overall, the food was tasty, but i think the atmosphere of the market really makes the experience rather than the food.

the menu at Market Lunch

the atmosphere at eastern market really is unique

crab cake sandwich

pretty good balance of crab meat and breading!

a bite into the crab cake

i don't like too much mayonnaise in my crab cakes. this one was just right on the mayonnaise

cod sandwich

not too dry, breading wasn't too thick, but not that much meat on the fish filet...

fresh cut fries

pretty tasty, but nothing exceptionally special...

225 7th St SE, Washington, DC • 202.547.8444 •

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  1. awesome photos! i really like the first one. and the sandwiches look so good. i want me some good bread...mmm

  2. french fries are always exceptionally special. you do not understand french fries.

  3. if every french fry is exceptionally special, then exceptionally special loses all meaning! you do not understand exceptionally special!

  4. i'm just messing with you =D